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Master Your iPad With Video Lessons

The iPad is one of the most popular tablets you can buy. Apple has an ingenius way of producing trend setting and highly useful products and the iPad is no different. However, surprisingly, the iPad doesn’t really come with an indepth instruction manual to really get the most out of your iPad. Seems odd but, no need to worry because there are products on the market, such as iPad video lessons, that can help you understand the powerful gadget you own. Investing in iPad video lessons is […]

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iPad Tutorials

The iPad is a great gadget and it is very exciting playing around and getting to know all the cool function of this sleek new device. However, one thing that Apple forgot to include was an iPad tutorial or instruction manual. Many users spend hours trying to figure out how to organise photos of download music etc but this can become relatively frustrating not to mention time consuming of you have no direction. iPad tutorials are therefore the way to go and provide step by step guides […]

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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your iPad

One thing I love about Apple products, lead by the visionary Steve Jobs, is the detail…from the design to the functionality, Apple always seems to be ahead of the pack. Love or hate Apple products, they are a welcome force in the technology arena because they also force the competition to create great products too in order to compete. Having said that, one of the best products to come out from Apple in recent years is the iPad. The portable computer that has sold over 67 million […]

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