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Shorten Your iPad Learning Curve With Lessons

Nearly 25% of all adults in the U.S. own some sort of tablet. Nearly half of those tablets are on the Apple iOS platform. The iPad is an incredible piece of technology and it’s no wonder why they are so popular. Apple designers and developer do a fantastic job of creating a robust and multi-featured product for their customers. However, oddly enough, the iPad doesn’t automatically come with an indepth instruction manual. An Apple iPad owner can download a 144 page user manual so it’s not like […]

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How iPad Videos Lessons Help

If you’re lucky enough to own an Apple iPad, or any Apple iOS device, you’ll know very quickly you have a piece of technological genius in your hands. One thing I love about Apple products is not only the beauty of the aesthetic designs of their products but the full list of features that make their products cutting-edge and provide fantastic experiences. Now, the iPad is not only an amazing piece of technology that is as intuitive as can be however, not every cool feature is immediately […]

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How Good Are iPad Video Lessons

Since the iPad does not come inclusive of a user guide or downloadable instruction manual, there is now a wide range of online video lessons that you can obtain for a small fee if not already free. These videos take you through the particular features you are stumped on with the visual to back up the explanation and making it easier to follow. iPad videos will show the various features and explain them in simple steps. The beauty of a video is that you can replay as […]

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